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Take customers from your competitions showroom floor
What is Geo-fencing and how can it benefit you?

You can now target active buyers soon as they come within a certain radius (or parking lot) of competitive car dealerships in your local area. It is one of the most discussed – and perhaps most misunderstood – lead generation strategies the automotive industry has seen to date. It is a game changer if you ask us. Moreover, the bottom line is: geo-fencing is highly effective – and lethal – if used intelligently on competitors.

Step 1: Buyers Visit Competitor Showrooms And It Begins…

Every business has to face a cut throat competition in the online market. You will stand as the top business in your market when you can grab the attention of your competitor’s customers in real-time. We can achieve this with our geo-fencing services. Within moments know exactly when your potential buyer is at one of your competitors and have the opportunity to reach out to them before they purchase at another dealership.

Let’s say a user is near the bottom of the conversion funnel – or in other words, they are just about ready to buy. They’ve done the model research, the model comparisons, and perhaps even compared dealership reviews at the geographic level. They’ve found a car, and they are ready to pull the trigger. They proceed to call your competitor to arrange a test drive. Things get interesting once they pull into the car lot…

Step 2: Your message is Sent via “Lock Screen” to Buyers

Upon entering the targeted GPS coordinates, the user will receive a notification to their front screen to either their iOS or Android device. This targeted message will then display a deal that would prove difficult to refuse. This deal, of course, is your dealership’s most aggressive offer. Most dealerships use something such as, “We Beat Any Deal by $500” or “Free iPad w/ Purchase”, or any number of aggressive offers to entice the buyer. In fact, many dealerships prefer to rotate deals in their messages which help considerably with conversions. From the message, potential customers are taken to:

Step 3: A Persuasive Landing Page w/ a Converting Deal

After users swipes the message right from their device to proceed, they are immediately taken to a mobile optimized offer page that gets them to act. You should have multiple deals rotating for unique visitors to see which deal gets the highest conversions. If the potential buyer feels that you can offer a better deal, then congratulations. You’ve just stolen your competitor’s sale. If you’d like to get started with a mobile geo fencing campaign, then reach out today!

Car dealer geo-fencing is an effective way to steal your competitor’s sale. You will be able to catch up with active target customer when you choose to go with geo-fencing service.  We will be using the best available technology to trap the actively targeted customer and pull them to open the doors of your store.  When you avail our car dealer geo-fencing, we will be able to establish a virtual perimeter around your competing car dealerships.

As soon as the potential customer enters a specified virtual boundary, the enabled device will send data about customer whereabouts.  We take this advantage to deliver an attractive push notification on the lock screen of the client. Providing the right message to the customer will motivate him to take a call of action, and then you are stealing your competitor’s sale.

Our push notifications will be irresistible for any customer. We keep rotating the push notifications to know the push notification that has motivated customers to take a call of action. This repetitive analysis will help us in improving our Automotive Geo-fencing services by sending highly motivating notifications to bring you a good number of conversions.

The user will be directed to mobile site landing page once he clicks on the ad. We will have multiple deals rotating to see a high number of conversions.

Why use ours?

Not to be confused. This is not an App or Website solution. This is direct to the mobile users front screen of their phone. Our opinion is that if a consumer is in an app (Candy Crush, Zillow or similar) at a dealership and sees your aggressive offer ads, it’s already too late. Our thoughts are that they are waiting to be called into F & I to finance their brand new car, and it is too late for you to get them to leave and drive to your dealership.

Our method will message the consumer within inches or up to 50 miles from the dealerships you want to surround with a Geo-fence.

Another key selling point is we will not work with your local competition up to a discussed radius. To us, it would defeat the purpose to do it any other way.

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