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Craigslist Posting Service

Say hello to your new Craigslist vendor!

Best ads out there.

More Ads by User Turn your Craigslist postings into a microsite, watch the video. Your vendor can not offer you this feature and that is how we crush them!

Watch the video

Easiest posting platform to use. Select the vehicles you want to post when you want to post or use our fully automated and set it and forget it.

With our platform, you have some of the most advanced features. You can post to ANY market that Craigslist provides. One of our main competitors can’t. We don’t know why but that’s their problem, not yours anymore if you’re currently using them.

Our campaigns allow you to schedule the start time, what days, how many vehicles to post, what type of cars, cars by max price. Our Campaigns feature makes it entirely endless to create the perfect Craigslist campaign.

With us, your Craigslist is fully managed by one of our trained specialists so call, text or email and we’ll set it up for you.

Using us is an absolute no-brainer!

Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What is your texting platform like? We built our own custom texting platform that allows you to add anyone you want and
see the entire conversation and even override it if needed. Our texting platform averages a 32 second response time.

2. What’s the benefits of more ads by user? More ads by user is such a powerful feature. It turns your Craigslist account into a microsite. This feature alone puts us ahead of the competition.

3. What if I want a custom template? We have a rich text editor. We’ll build you out a template exactly how you want it.

4. What if I don’t want to learn a new platform? We are most known for being a fully managed Craigslist provider we’ll take care of all your postings since we have been doing this for 7 years, we know a little bit about what we are doing.

5. What’s so great about our Review Ads? It’s a proven fact 92% of auto shoppers now review the dealership they’re considering doing business with. It just makes complete sense to do it and give that potential buyer instant validation.

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