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Live Chat Service For Car Dealers

Managed live chat for your automotive dealership
  • Fully Automated Service
  • 20+ Custom themes
  • Easy to Manage and Install
  • No Additional Staffing
  • Increase in Sales
  • Painless Information Service

Live chat services from our experts will reduce the waiting time for the visitors. Your potential buyer receives an immediate response for all their buying questions and turns their interest into a conversation.

Our answers to your customer’s questions will motivate them to take the informed call of action which ultimately increases your sales numbers. We provide virtual assistance to your clients and their personal requirements and give them the best advice based on their needs.

Our managed live chat is an ideal service that can be used at your dealership when you are looking to delegate that task to the experts. We invite your site visitors to discuss their requirements and take this opportunity to increase their interest, gather their information converting that web visit into a conversation.

With our live chat services, your website will be able to communicate with potential buyers and answer their questions 24/7 and will never miss out on any sales opportunities.

Studies have shown that live chat services do not decrease your number of web leads. This means that the connections that you make using our service will be above and beyond the results that your current online marketing efforts currently receive. Most car dealers do not have the manpower or resources to have someone manning online customer support 24/7. When you use our online chat service, you receive the support of our highly trained staff members, who will have access to your vehicle inventory as they assist customers online. Below are a few of the features you will enjoy when using our live chat service:

  • Customize the appearance of the chat to match your brand
  • Easy to manage and monitor
  • Available at a fixed, low monthly rate
  • See increased conversion rates and sales

Live chat services provided by car dealer solutions will help your customer with our personalized assistance.

We help you convert visitor into potential customer by giving all the precise information.

During each chat conversation, we will capture detailed information such as desired vehicle(s), full trade info, and more importantly if they are looking for immediate financing. Since we are integrated into your available inventory, we can export in an ADF format for your CRM. That way your leads will always flow to the correct area for proper follow-up and accountability.

Want to answer your chats? We also have a hybrid chat system where our team serves as a backup for your BDC or Sales staff at the dealership when chats are not answered within a given amount of time.



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