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Email Marketing

Reach thousands of in-market consumers in a matter of moments

We leverage proprietary Email technologies to deliver the highest and most accurate match rates possible. Our email data set contains more than 900 million records. All email addresses in our database are unique, permission-based, and CAN-SPAM compliant. The matches we provide are based on name and address at the individual (full name and address) or household match level (last name and address).

Capital Dealer Solutions provides services through the USPS® National Change of Address Database (NCOALink). Through our NCOALink service, your records can be compared to the most up-to-date address verification system available, saving your clients time and money by allowing you to reach target audiences more efficiently and effectively.

Responsive Design Email

A perfect presentation for every screen

Checking email is the top activity for 78% of smartphone users* and more than 80% of them will delete an email that is not mobile-friendly.** To raise the stakes, another 30% will unsubscribe altogether. Not to worry: our responsive design emails will always automatically re-adjust themselves to whatever device is viewing them.

** Blue Hornet (ESP) conducted study

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