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Supercharge all of your online classified marketing
What is eText Leads and how can it benefit you?

Having the ability to text optimize all of your Online classified marketing opens additional avenues to your consumers. Statistical data proves that 1 in 3 adult Americans prefer Text as their number 1 form of communication.

If you aren’t text optimized you’re missing out on additional sales opportunities.

How it works?

1. We provide you with everything you need to be 100% text optimized from A to Z, from Craigslist to Syndication.

2. We provide you with both Vin specific and static reply codes. When a shopper wants more information they simply text what’s in front of them to us, i.e. Text “DEAL” to 27218. We send them the requested information and you’re alerted via Text, Email and CRM (if applicable) with the consumers contact information and what it was that they requested, financing, call back or more info on a specific vehicle.

3. Instantly, the consumer gets the information that they requested and you’re alerted immediately.

Different Types of eText Leads Setups?

The possibilities are absolutely endless. With our eText Leads solution we can optimize:

- Finance Leads
- Web Leads
- Craigslist
- Third Party Websites
- AutoTrader
- CarGurus

And so much more.....

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