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Facebook Advertising
For Car Dealers

Dynamic Ads

If you aren’t using our dynamic ad setup on Facebook, all we can do is say we are very, very sorry
but we can fix the problem for you now so don’t worry. Fill out the form below to learn what we do that’s so different.

Connect with your
customers everywhere

You might think of social media sites as places where family and friends go to talk. By marketing wisely through social media, your car dealership can become part of the conversation. We can help you do this by sharing valuable information with your social media followers, and responding to them. Customers appreciate when businesses take the time to connect.

All-in-One Social Media

Many car dealerships do not have social media pages, or fail to launch successful social media campaigns, because they do not have the time or experience to be able to do so. Contact Capital Dealer Solutions to access a talented team who can fully manage your social media sites for you.

Facebook Marketplace
Lead Management

Many of our clients use us as their in-house BDC department.
We make sure your customers are not left waiting for long periods
of time to get the information they need.

Our response time has been tested and proven to increase conversions.
Please reach out to one of our specialists to see how we can make
Marketplace that more beneficial for your dealership.

Start Increasing your sales with Facebook

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