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Recent Work: Gregory INFINITI

Yelp comes in the top two for the most trusted reputation platforms.

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Starting out Gregory INFINITI was a 3-star rated dealer on Yelp.

By mid-August of 2018 we were able to get Gregory INFINITI to a 3.5-star rated dealership.

As of today (late September) we were able to accomplish our 4-star guarantee.

Gregory INFINITI is now a 4.5-star rated dealership!

When we first started working with Gregory INFINITI, they have over 20 1-star reviews on Yelp. Our Review Tracker was able to identify 14 of those reviews violated the Terms of Service according to Yelp. These reviews have been removed permanently, and we accomplished our 4-star money back guarantee.


                                                Here you will see when 20 1-star reviews.

Here you will see as of 10/3/2018 only 6 1-star reviews.

Why should your dealership care about Yelp and why is a bad Yelp star rating costing you sales?

1. According to a 2017 survey, 92% of consumers make a purchase or transform into a lead after reading a quality Yelp review, oftentimes within a week of their search. This translates to an increase in qualified lead generation for all industries and businesses, from local pet stores to car dealers.

2. The typical Yelper persona, while somewhat fanatical in their approach to shopping, is more likely to be a target of auto dealerships. On average, 70% of Yelpers make an annual income over $60,000, 80% are college graduates, 60% are over the age of 35, and the majority have sired no children, thus allowing them to spend disposable income on a new car.

Our solution is proven and comes with a 4-star rating guarantee with a full refund if we do not happen to get you to 4-stars on all review platforms.

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